Wish List

YOU CAN HELP GRANT OUR WISHES! (and it sure is needed, and we are mighty grateful for any assistance).


After running a therapy animal program for 19 years, and it abruptly ending, we are starting from scratch with this new non-profit and desperately need help in many areas, including funding, costs of labor to install plumbing and electrical, dedicated team members offering their time to help with services and yard maintenance. Your donations will assist us in getting us back to the patients and facilities awaiting our return. Help us help others! Everyone benefits, including the animals. Mahalo nui loa. (Thank you with all of my heart)


We are putting up items on Amazon.com that help. Stay tuned.

SKILLED LABOR – posted 7/10/2019
Plumber – install sink and pvc at no cost (labor tax-deductible)
Licensed Electrician – Install 220 outlet for our donated washer/dryer (labor is tax-deductible)
Fencer – Seeking someone to help us put in fencing and hang gates for animal turn-outs. It’s a small area. (labor is tax-deductible)

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES – posted 7/10/2019
Grant Writer/Fundraising – we want this to be fun!
CPA / Bookeeper – your services (all or partial depending on what you want to donate are tax-deductible). Be a part of our exciting team!

REFRIGERATOR – posted 7/10/2019
New or used and in good condition “Energy Star” standard size refrigerator. We don’t need the bells and whistles.

UTILITY VEHICLE – posted 7/10/2019
While bunny/animal crossfit is a thing around here, we have some sloped terrain and need a 4×4 utility vehicle with a dump bed in the back. Seeking new or good running condition so we can get our animals turned out for exercise and all of our chores done safely.
Any one of these great vehicles would be of amazing help!
Kawasaki Mule 4×4, Polaris Ranger 4×4, John Deere Gator 4×4, or Honda Pioneer 4×4

EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES – posted 7/10/2019
Small Gates for the animal exercise yard

Fencing (horse fencing needed, not for horses but for the bunnies and guinea pigs.

Grass Hay
Rabbit Pellets (50 lbs)
Chicken Scratch (50 lbs)
Layer Pellets (50 lbs)
We have an account at Wai Ulu Farms (808) 572-0121

Cash Cards for vegetables and supplies

Gift Card for hardware and maintenance